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Elevator and Penthouse REvitalization

More than 100 tradesmen worked for 18 months building 13 retrofitted elevators and four mechanical penthouses across five different campus buildings—without a single lost-time incident 


Public Health Care

The campus could not be shut down. so richard made sure it didn't.

This project highlighted the performance of multiple trades and over 100 trade professionals to include metal fabrication, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, roofing, metal and wood doors, metal framing, resilient flooring, painting, signage, wet-pipe sprinkler, DIV 14 specialty conveying/lifts, plumbing, Direct Digital Controls, HVAC, electrical distribution, communications, physical access control, video surveillance, fire detection and alarm.  And they all collaborated to get it on time, despite the designer of record having gone out of business. Instead of losing six months in design delays, Richard Group assumed the Design-Build scope of the project, rebuilding the 18-month schedule for two and three crews to retrofit 2-3 elevators concurrently along the critical path, working with a long 16-18 week procurement of elevator motors and controllers. And the campus kept running.


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