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We are built for growth.  Richard has a 100% full-time workforce of its experienced professionals and craft workers. Our equipment fleet has grown over 850% in the past three years.  Our senior staff members have over $1B in combined experience with our current customers.

Design &



With over $53,000,000 in awarded Design-Build Contracting vehicles, our team harnesses an integrated design approach.


We routinely contract and integrate A/E firms into our teams to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our design-build teams orchestrate all the moving pieces—environmental, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and security engineers along with landscape, interior design, and LEED designers—to reduce project risk and amplify results for our clients.


Our integrated project management staff conducts constructibility reviews during each design iteration, which lowers the overall project costs while maximizing consistency, sustainability, durability, functionality, and comfort. By simplifying, outlining, and controlling the entire process, our teams take each project from inception through the warranty phase faster than the competition—and with unparalleled finesse.




Built on our proprietary Richard Group building system.

Preconstruction is communicated to the owner in clear, simple terms, creating a quantifiable understanding of the critical path, field production, safety, and quality processes. Our proven process ensures that we can begin the construction phase of projects on an average of 20% faster than the competition.




As every craftsman knows, quality work is a product of skill and the proper tools.

We invest heavily in our skilled labor workforce as well as the tools and equipment necessary to provide the highest quality of self-performance work in the sectors we serve. Our self-performance teams operate locally and all craft workers are located within the project area. We conduct all projects with crafts utilizing Davis Bacon – Prevailing Wage Standards or higher.

Operations &



We operate and excel in three different phases of the building/structure life-cycle.

After the completion of the preconstruction and construction phases, our warranty team ensures optimal training, documentation, and organization for our client’s teams. After the warranty phase, we operate as a services company in order to correct building deficiencies and increase awareness about the efficiency and maintainability of the building they serve. 


Ultimately, our team increases value throughout the entire building life-cycle, reducing overall energy and maintenance costs to ownership.

  • Preconstruction

  • Design & Construction

  • Warranty & OEM




More than 90% of our projects are required to meet the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

We are stewards of the sustainable building process and always seek ways to remove harmful agents from all materials integrated into the structure. The LEED Accredited Professionals on our team partner with owners and A/E firms to seek and then model green constructability and improved life-cycle cost within time restrictions and environmental factors.

0 %
of our projects require United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

Industry Leading



Technology continues to transform and inform our industry.

We utilize BIM, Earned Value Management (EVM), and virtual management software to  monitor energy efficiency, space and project optimization, and provide real-time project management tools that communicate cost, timelines, and productivity.  We also integrate newer technologies in time-lapse videography, drone photography and scanning, and radar penetrating surveying equipment in order to reduce the risk to adjacent buildings, equipment, and personnel.  

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