Project Name:

Interior Renovation and Upgrade Water Distribution

The customer rated Richard Group with the highest achievable marks for ‘exceptional ratings’ for quality, schedule, management, while finishing three months ahead of schedule and zero safety incidents on over 43,000 man-hours in 24-hour continuous operations.


Public Health Care

Legionnaires’ Disease had just taken the lives of several patients in U.S. Hospitals.

The federal government awarded Richard with this exhaustive design-bid-build 24-month project to rid the hospital of a future outbreak.  This project spanned a 24 hour, two – three shift capacity for the entire duration as Richard renovated three to ten patient rooms each week over the course of the project.  Over 100 tradesmen participated on this project without a single lost time incident on over 43,000 man-hours.  The construction team-built level 4 infection control enclosures to ensure the highest-level air quality for each patient and building occupant.  The team also coordinated the swing-space so that practioners could continue to see patients without closing their departments.  Richard finished the project two months ahead of schedule with the highest achievable customer satisfaction scores.      

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